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1 (Medical):An edema is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in body tissues, resulting in swelling. CHANDLER, Dr. Chris Howard MD (I76)
2 (Medical):At the time of his death, Fred Frisell had been ill from Bright's disease for about a year but was confined to his bed only about three weeks before his death.

From Wikipedia:
Bright's disease is a historical classification of kidney diseases that would be described in modern medicine as acute or chronic nephritis. 
FRISELL, Carl Fredrick (I549)
3 (Medical):Autopsy was performed to determine cause of death. POTTS, Esther La Verne (I51)
4 (Medical):Ben suffered a stroke on Monday, 28 Dec 1930, and died on Sunday, 4 Jan 1931. SLOOTER, Berend Geerds Janssen (I971)
5 (Medical):Duration of cause of death: 12 years.
Mary had been seen by Dr. S.G. Knight on May 3, 1913.
Her obituary said she died after a lingering illness of three months. 
NUTTER, Mary Jane (I1917)
6 (Medical):From Discovering Chandler Lines:
Once she was walking up the ferry road when a team bolted and ran straight for her trapping her flat against the fence, but they checked and turned about 6 inches from her and were later stopped. It was a fright she never forgot attributing a later diagnosis of "St. Vitus Dance" to that frightful incident.

This event was reported to have happened while she was still a school girl.

Note: Saint Vitus Dance, also known as Sydenham's chorea, is a result of a bacterial infection. 
SONNEY, Emma Elizabeth (I39)
7 (Medical):He was murdered, his body was found in the hayloft with a bullet hole in it. LONGLEY, Claude (I1891)
8 (Medical):His birth/baptismal record shows that he was vaccinated on 9 Jul 1858.
The death certificate states that he was found dead in the toilet. 
SONNEY, John Perry (I159)
9 (Medical):In September 1943, Ole had surgery in Rochester, Minnesota, from which he never fully recovered. ROGNESS, Ole T. (I100)
10 (Medical):Martin died as the result of a stroke suffered on 22 Sep 1948. SLETTEN, Martin O. (I92)
11 (Medical):Minnie broke her hip on 28 Nov 1921, which her obituary attributes as the main cause of her death. HOSFORD, Minnie (I2783)
12 (Medical):Mrs. Gustav Johnson of Walden died at her home yesterday afternoon at two o'clock after an illness of several months from cancer of the stomach. She was confined to her bed but a week prior to her death. Last week she was taken to St. Paul by her daughter (stepdaughter), Miss Hilda Johnson, and Dr. O. V. Opheim, but it was impossible for the specialist there to do anything for her, and she had been confined to her bed since. HOLMBERG, Johanna Carolina (I522)
13 (Medical):On 10 Feb 1955, Earl had a biopsy of the inguinal gland showing lymphosarcoma. CHANDLER, Earl Baxter (I38)
14 (Medical):operation on 13 Mar 1952 showing carcinoma of right breast SMITH, Dorathy Eleanore (I35)
15 (Medical):Posted (8 Jul 2018) on Facebook by Elliott Noorlun in response to inquiry about Rosemary's death:
Rosemary, our beautiful "HomeComing Queen" married in September of 1964 (just months after HS Graduation). She and her husband had four wunnerful children (two girls, two boys). As the years passed, our dear sister began experiencing TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction). She was a voracious gum chewer in her younger years and I wonder if that repetitive movement, over time, contributed to her jaw joint's demise. To get away from the pain, she became a guinea pig, of sorts, for various treatments and surgeries. Some of those surgeries even took place at Mayo Clinic there in your lovely Home State. Her health continued to sag until July 5th, 1989, she was in the restroom and had a massive heart attack at the tender age of just 43. 
NOORLUN, Rosemary Arlone (I113)
16 (Medical):She also had primary hypothyroidism. FITZGERALD, Louise Mary (I30)
17 (Medical):She had been in failing health for over a year prior to her death. LONGLEY, Mary Evelyn (I18)
18 (Medical):The 1880 census shows that Joseph had a liver affect. DOAK, Joseph Melvin (I2709)
19 (Medical):The 1880 mortality schedule for the census shows that John had kidney disease in Wisconsin before moving to Iowa three years before. The attending physician was Dr. McCully. WALTERS, John (I2691)
20 (Medical):The death record indicates he had diabetes for three years. FREDRICKSON, Emanuel Oscar (I514)
21 (Medical):The news article regarding his drowning tells that he suffered from high blood pressure and a bad heart. HENRICHS, Hemme George (I127)
22 (Medical):The obituary for George tells that he died from enteric fever and lung trouble. The death notice used the phrase blood poisoning.

Note: According to Wikipedia, enteric fever is a term that covers both typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever. 
HINRICHS, George L. (I873)
23 (Medical):While serving in the Army, on or about 1 Sep 1863, he contracted diarrhea and fatigue on account of change of diet and drinking water from the Missisippi River. The diarrhea resulted in fistula-in-ano, which he suffered from for the remainder of his life and was the basis of his military pension.

About 5 Sep 1863, he was admitted to the hospital at Davenport, Iowa and treated there for four weeks. About 1 Dec 1863, he was admitted to the hospital at Keokuk, Iowa, and treated there until the spring of 1865. He was released from the hospital at Keokuk shortly before discharge.

Dr. H.T. Cleaver treated Edson at the hospital in Keokuk and also following his discharge from the Army, until 1871. He stated in an affadavit for the pension claim that while Edson's health improved following the operation for the fistula, his health was not good at any time during his personal knowledge of him.

Wikipedia: Anal fistula, or fistula-in-ano, is a chronic abnormal communication between the epithelialised surface of the anal canal and (usually) the perianal skin. An anal fistula can be described as a narrow tunnel with its internal opening in the anal canal and its external opening in the skin near the anus. Anal fistulae commonly occur in people with a history of anal abscesses. They can form when anal abscesses do not heal properly.

On Monday morning (4 Feb) he went to his old house, now used as a granery, which is only a few feet from the new house. Shortly afterwards his daughter heard him shouting and notified her mother. She went to the door of the granery and found that it was locked. He called out for her to break the door down. She broke a window and upon entering, found her husband prostrate - able to talk, and move his arms, but perfectly helpless in his back and lower limbs. The door had no fastening on the inside except a slide bolt which he had evidently used to keep the wind out, and the apoplectic stroke had been so sudden that he had been unable to to reach the door and unbar it. Help was called and he was conveyed to the house. At first he was perfectly rational and talked freely. Gradually his speech became less frequent and distinct and it was evident that he was sinking. Hugh Nutter was dispatched to Blue Earth for medical aid and Dr. Nannestad was sent out, but the old veteran had been mustered out before he arrived, having lived about two hours after the stroke.

The American Heritage Dictionary: Apoplexy: Sudden impairment of neurological function, especially that resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage; a stroke. 
LONGLEY, Edson (I1916)
24 (Research):birth # 152 not 154 Anna Stina (I3168)
25 (Research):From The Longley Family Genealogy:
The following account of Israel Longley is from his grandson, Isaac, who resided in Paradise, Nova Scotia, in 1879: "In or about the year 1759 or 1760, there came from Shirley, Mass., a man by the name of William Longley bringing with him a son named Israel, who was my grandfather. His father, after stoping one or two seasons and liking the country, returned home to Shirley, with the intention of removing his family to Nova Scotia and making that place his permanent home, but he did not live to effect his purpose." William Longley left his son Israel behind when he returned to the States and apprenticed him to a man by the name of Parker, to learn the carpenter trade. The boy was sixteen years of age and he made Nova Scotia his place of life residence.
NOTE: Whatever prevented William Longley from returning with the rest of his family, it was not his death as he did not die until 1788. 
LONGLEY, Israel (I1103)
26 (Research):Johannes Gustaf Felt is not mentioned in the Bethany Lutheran Church Membership Register with the other family members. All of the other sons in the family have Carl as part of their name. Need more proof that he belongs in this family besides the Find A Grave source. 1900 census says that Johanna was the mother of 11 children with 9 living. He is not in the Emigrant Database with Johanna, Karl Hjalmar, and Johan. Birth Records for Kopparberg 1935-1941. Did not see in Ljusnarsberg birth records for 1882. FELT, Johannes Gustaf (I451)
27 (Research):Longley-412 LONGLEY, Luther (I904)
28 (Research):The birth certificate for her daughter, Evelyn, in 1939, shows that Evelyn was her second child and that both were still alive. REESE, Marie (I24)
29 (Research):The Lashway book incorrectly shows that Annie's second marriage was to Leon W. Berg. CARLSON, Annie Elizabeth (I259)
30 (Research):There is a grandson David listed in Sam's obituary, but not in the MN birth index, so I'm not sure who his parents are. EWING, Samuel James (I34)
31 (Research):WikiTree Profile - Abrahamsdotter-145 ABRAHAMSON, Anna Lovisa (I550)
32 (Research):WikiTree Profile - Longley-696 LONGLEY, Newall (I1722)
33 (Research):WikiTree Profile Longley-658 LONGLEY, Edmund (I1668)
34 1955 Minneapolis Directory shows that they lived at 200 W 98th which is actually in Bloomington.
Although the 1953 Minneapolis Directory shows that they lived at 8016 Lyndale Av S, they did not. That is the address of the bank Doris worked at. 
Family F4
35 2 Sep 1973 is the date of death that I had from my mother. The Austrailian death index has 1974 at the year of registration. Not sure if that means the year of death. CUNNINGHAM, Deanna Lynn (I63)
36 217 Main Street
Box 441
Hayward, MN 56043

This was the address shown on Kate Henrichs death certificate showing her daughter, Mrs. Marcus Sletten, as the informant.

PO Box 441, Hayward, MN, 56043-0441 was shown in U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 1 as the address for Marcus D. Sletten in 1992.

7 Main, Hayward, MN, 56043 was shown in U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 2 as the address for Marchus D. Sletten without specifying a year.

217 Main, Hayward, MN, 56043 was shown in U.S. Public Records Index, 1950-1993, Volume 2 as the address for Illena M. Sletten without specifying a year.

The Social Security Death Index gives 56043 Hayward, Freeborn, Minnesota, USA as the last residence for Marcus D. Sletten when he died in 1994. 
Family F37
37 29 Cactus Dr, Copperas Cove, TX, 76522-1129 Family F5
38 2nd Lt. S.M. Sherman, recruiting officer, Company I, 46th Infantry Regiment
Witnessed by W.R. Johnson 
SLETTEN, Ole (I2822)
39 5332 NW Columbia Ave
Lawton, OK 73505-5729 
Family F5
40 A birth/baptism record found in the Danish Church Records records his birth date as 25 Jan 1851 in Verster Marie, Bornholm, Denmark.

The marriage record gives his age as 29 in 1887, making his birth about 1858.

The 1900 census gives his birth date as Jul 1857 and birthplace as Denmark.

His death certificate shows his birth date 20 Aug 1857, his age 65 years, 1 month, 5 days, and his birth place as Ronne, Denmark.

SONNEY, John Perry (I159)
41 A celebration of life was held at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Cheyenne on 19 Nov 2015 at 11 a.m. ALMQUIST, Diane Fern (I61)
42 A Celebration of Life will be held at 11:00 AM Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at Einan's Funeral Home, 915 Bypass Hwy, Richland. A potluck will follow. ALMQUIST, Rodney Allen (I60)
43 A certificate of transfer found in the records of the Bethany Lutheran Church shows that the Ellsworth Berg family joined the Minnewaska congregation on 5 Dec 1954. Family F107
44 A descendant chart obtained from the Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society (WAGS) gives the birthplace of William S. Whyatt as Riverside, WA. WHYATT, William Scott (I49)
45 A descendant of Isaac Cooper, a Revolutionary War soldier. COOPER, Lydia (I1775)
46 A double funeral was conducted for Josephine Rogness and her son, Andrew Rogness, at Lime Creek Lutheran Church, conducted by Rev. O.T. Storaasli, pastor of Lime Creek Lutheran, and R.N. Gilstad of Storden, Minnesota. BJELLAND, Josephine Helmika (I101)
47 A double funeral was conducted for Josephine Rogness and her son, Andrew Rogness, at Lime Creek Lutheran Church, conducted by Rev. O.T. Storaasli, pastor of Lime Creek Lutheran, and R.N. Gilstad of Storden, Minnesota. ROGNESS, Andrew (I103)
48 A Funeral Service of Commemoration to Celebrate the Life of Lila M. Chandler will be conducted at 11:00 o'clock Wednesday morning, November 23, 2005, in the Leavenworth Community United Methodist Church, with Pastor Roger Hudson, officiating. Visitation will be Tuesday from 12 to 7 p.m. at Ward's Funeral Chapel. COZART, Lila Marie (I78)
49 A letter written by C.C. Chandler to his son, Earl, identifies their residence in Nipomo.

At the time of Christopher's death, they were living in Nipomo and had lived there for more than 10 years.

The obituary for Lamerlas in 1934 states that she had been a resident of Nipomo for many years. 
Family F69
50 A letter written by C.C. Chandler to his son, Earl, tells that he was born in DeKalb County, Georgia and the family moved to Texas in 1855. Family F187

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