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The family history of Phil and Cheri Sletten
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August Axel Berg
August Axel Berg

This website starts with two people, Phil and Cheri Sletten, and reaches back in time to document their ancestry.

The information on this site represents the results of a massive review and organization project. The possibility that I know more than is currently available on this site is pretty good. Please contact me if you are looking for something or someone in specific.

BERG Swedes and Colonial New England

Cheri's ancestry provides a lot of variety!
The paternal side of Bud Berg's ancestry came from Sweden in the late 1860s.
His maternal side has strong ties to New England going back to Colonial times.


An offshoot of the Swedish research is the Swedes of Pope County project. John J. and Anna Berg came from Sweden and settled in Pope County, Minnesota. There is a cluster of people there that came from the same location in Sweden. This project is looking at the ancestry of these people from Sweden to see if there were existing family relationships between them before their departure from Sweden.

CHANDLER Danes and Colonial Virginia

Cheri's maternal side includes a great-grandfather that came from Denmark in the mid 1800s and a lot of southern connections reaching back to Colonial Virginia and North Carolina.


While my mother-in-law is still alive, she is no longer able to continue her research and it has been handed over to me. Not only is there a lot of it, there is a lot for me to learn about it. If you corresponded with Illena in the past, I would be thrilled, and grateful, to hear from you.

SLETTEN Norwegians

Phil's father was an ethnic Norwegian, meaning his father and grandparents were all born in America, but have completely Norwegian ancestry.

HENRICHS Ostfiesians

Likewise, Phil's mother is an ethnic German, with her ancestors coming from Ostriesland.

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